2022 General VTD Election Data

The election data for all current and past elections in this directory are reported by 2022 general election VTDs.

GIS users can join the election data to the 2022 general election VTDs Shapefile located at https://data.capitol.texas.gov/dataset/vtds. Use the common field name 'VTDKEY' to join the data.

Election data collected by the council are allocated to census geographic units and summed to the most recently available voting tabulation districts (VTDs) for use in redistricting. VTDs are groupings of census blocks that approximate county election precincts and are used to provide links among the census geography used to build districts, the census population data, which is reported by census block, and election data, which is reported by voting precinct. There may be small differences between the data presented here and official election results. The council's Data for 2021 Redistricting in Texas publication (https://redistricting.capitol.texas.gov/docs/pubs/data_for_2021_redistricting.pdf) includes information about the allocation process.